End Citizens United Sets Sights on Progressive Overhaul in 2018 Midterms

We are looking at a very important year for American politics. The 2018 Midterm Elections will essentially re-shape the entire country in a way that just hasn’t happened in decades. A big reason for this is because of the 2016 Presidential Election which saw Donald Trump, a reality TV show host and real estate heir, rise up the GOP ladder in order to win the nomination and summarily win the election. Trump himself has struggled in his first year on the job and the GOP is starting to worry that his poor performance will cost them at the polls. A progressive sweep could see real change in the country and one group, named End Citizens United, is working hard to make sure that it happens.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has served as a conduit for the will of the American people. End Citizens United was created over two years ago and the sole reason for their existence lay directly in their name: ending Citizens United. Citizens United is a conservative propaganda group that stood before the Supreme Court in 2010 and, with a straight face, argued that corporations were people and that their million dollar donations were just an extension of free speech. This decision, which was universally decried by moderates and progressives, can be fundamentally linked with the rising tide of dark money in politics and special interests buying off politicians, and https://mothershipstrategies.com/case-study/end-citizens-united/.

In 2018, the midterm elections will essentially work as a transition of power — if progressives show up at the polls. End Citizens United is working to unseat pro-Citizens United politicians so that the political action committee can bring in politicians who are willing to champion campaign finance reform. End Citizens United put together a list showcasing 20 of the most vulnerable seats in the election race and they’ve singled out four members of that list — all in California, and End Citizens United’s lacrosse camp.

End Citizens United is setting their sights on Mimi Walters (R – Irvine), Dana Rohrabacher (R – Costa Mesa), Darrell Issa (R – Vista) and Duncan Hunter (R – Alpine). Tiffany Muller, the president at End Citizens United, believes these seats to be the most vulnerable. A progressive shift in these areas could be a real game-changer in Washington D.C. as it would give End Citizens United more leverage when pushing for their constitutional amendment.

Of course, these seats won’t be turned over without a fight but there are some real positives going for End Citizens United. Muller points out that Issa and Hunter are both plagued by investigations due to improper usage of their campaign contributions. As we saw in Alabama, politicians with broken trust scandals have a lot of trouble retaining their seat, even in a district that they might otherwise have won, and visit their Youtube Channel.

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  1. Annika Felix | April 10, 2018 at 8:09 am |

    I think that they are making the right noise and their supporters base keeps on increasing I think that’s what offers them hope. The usual is what rushmyessays.org always has in stock for us as it has git to do with some political groups coming out to er out their dissatisfaction in government and that is what they a are doing which is already calling attention.

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