Dr. Johanan Rand, revolutionizing anti-aging processes

When Jay-Z sang forever young, he had no idea that it would be such a big hit and one that would be played and replayed over and over again for generations to come. What made it such a big deal? Its message voices the wishes of everyone in the world and that is staying young for all eternity. Unfortunately, we are mortal beings and as much as we don’t want to grow old, it is inevitable and we are all on our way there. Fortunately, with doctors like Johanan Rand who work tirelessly round the clock to come up with strategies which help you tackle diseases that tag along with old age, people can now sigh with relief and age gracefully.


Who is Johanan Rand?


Dr. Johanan Rand is an anti-aging doctor based in New Jersey. Healthy aging medical centers is his brainchild and he is the current president of the facility. He is fully certified and trained at the Albert Einstein University. The doctor is famed for revolutionizing the medical approach to the aging process. For instance, instead of the ordinary treatment process which focuses on the symptoms, Johanan Rand takes a functional regenerative approach which focuses on the root causes of the condition in a bid to reverse it.


In respect to that, each patient’s condition is handled in an individual manner rather than a general one which is what makes this approach even more effective. Some of the conditions which come with the old age package such as menopause, low libido, hot flushes, night sweats, depression, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, you mention it as long as it is related to old age, Dr. Johanan Rand has the knack to handle it. Below are some of the approaches used by Johanan Rand at the Healthy aging medical center.


Bioidentical hormones


Having been in the anti-aging arena for fifteen years, Dr. Johanan Rand has dealt with a long string of aging conditions a factor that has led him to make a groundbreaking discovery that the more we age, the more we lose the good hormones such as DHEA, progesterone, Thyroid and many others. That automatically means that we end up with the bad ones such as cortisol and insulin which tend to have a negative effect on our bodies.


With this knowledge in his hands, Dr. Johanan Rand has been able to come up with trailblazing methods to help increase the good hormones with a focus on bioidentical hormones. The results of this is that the balance between good and bad hormones is reinstated thus strengthening the body of the aging person and enabling it to fight conditions which come with old age such as diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer, heart diseases, menopause, erectile dysfunction and the others that we mentioned earlier. The bioidentical hormones are often administered during therapies.


More about his approach


Besides the above, Dr. Johanan Rand understands the impact of our lifestyle to our health which is why he emphasizes that his patients should eat right and exercise to strengthen their bodies, improve the release of good hormones and fight old age diseases naturally. Unlike most physicians, Johanan Rand practices what he preaches and he is a true reflection of his work because, at the age of fifty, he is incredibly healthy and lights any room with his energetic self. Johanan Rand also goes the extra mile by ensuring that his patients have the upper hand when it comes to conditions they are suffering from through the peer review journal. The world truly needs more Johanan Rand’s.