Andrew Rocklage: The Path of Entrepreneurship

American businessman, Andrew Rocklage has created an unparalleled trailblazing career. Equipped with esteemed graduate degrees and savy business ventures, the Boston native is ever expanding his interest and professional resume.

His successful career began in late 2009. The young adult graduated Cum Laude from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst. With a Bachelor of Science degree under his belt, he continued his studies at Suffolk University Law School. Dedicated to advancing his impressive education, Andrew Rocklage received his Juris Doctor Law Degree in 2013. He honed his skills as a businessman by working vigorously in a variety of impactful internships around the state of Massachusetts.

Making great use of his legal degree, Andrew began his work as a legal consultant and law clerk shortly after completing his studies. As he excelled, he secured a position as Corporate Counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Andrew’s sole work duties included corporate legal counseling and legal advising details.

Andrew Rocklage held this position until he received an unique opportunity. After a short visit with his family to a Sky Zone location, he bagan to research possible ownership opportunities. Taking a stab at entrepreneurship, he decided to invest his income into a widespread entertainment facility. This one of a kind play place uses indoor trampolines to provide fun for families.

Sky Zone is the largest indoor trampoline chain in America. Andrew quickly jumped at the opportunity to be an owner. He relocated to Florida and proceeded to open two seperate Sky Zone locations in 2016.

Dedicating his time to expanding and improving his two Florida located Sky Zone centers, Andrew has helped grow the popularity of the franchise as a whole. His owned and operated Sky Zone locations are amongst the most popular and well run of all locations.

Famalies can remain active and spend quality time together while having a blast. This is what excites Andrew the most.

From humble beginnings as a star student to well established lawyer and now frachise owner, Andrew Rocklage used determination and dedication to achieve his desired goals. Currently his very own boss, he propelled himself and overcame any possible obstacle within his path.