Alexandre Gama And Brazil – The Many Favors He’s Lent To The Nation

The Brazilian advertising trade has been lucky enough to host Alexandre Gama as one of its lead employees over the past four decades. Mr. Gama is currently the operator of Neogama, an advertising agency he founded in 1999 after 17 years of working for others in the trade. Neogama is consistently ranked as one of the best advertising agencies in the entire country of Brazil.

Mr. Alexandre Gama started his career at Standard Ogilvy & Mather in 1982, working as a copywriter and content creator, a position most people starting out in the advertising industry hold. In 1990, Mr. Gama moved to DM9 as its creative director, staying with the firm for four consecutive years. During this time, Gama won more awards than any other person in the advertising industry, a record of dominance that Alexandre still holds to this day.

Neogama grew faster than any other firm in the country of Brazil from 1999 to 2002. That year, in 2002, Neogama was joined with BBH to make a larger organization. It won Agency of the Year that annum.