A Look At Why Success Academy Is Improving School Performance

The Success Academy school model created by Eva Moskowitz is a highly effective school education program. Just take a look at some of tests results from New York State’s common core exams from students in New York City public schools and from students enrolled in a Success Academy.

Schoolchildren who go to school in a public city school have a passing rate of only 29% when it comes to reading and writing in the English language. The math proficiency is also at a dismal rate and fares only marginally better at a passing rate of 35%. Now compare this to the passing rate of Success Academy enrollees. These students have a remarkably high math proficiency rate with 94% of the students passing the New York State common core math exam. The English proficieny is also superior to the public school counterpart with 64% successfully passing the state examination.

Taking a deeper and more whole look at the Success Academy network will reveal even better and more uprising results. If the Success Academy system was considered to be a school district of its own, it easily outperforms the best schools in some of the state’s most wealthy suburban communities. Success Academy would also be among the top 1% of schools when it came to math scores and in the top 3% when it came to English reading and writing.

Now consider that Success primarily serves inner city kids who live in poverty in New York City. This makes the result even more incredible because you have some of the poorest kids getting the highest marks and grades on state exams. Reasons for Success Academy’s amazing results include more education time in the form a longer school year and school day. Discipline is also reinforced and there is high expectations for all the students.

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