A Brief Look at the History of the Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a sovereign financial organization with over 100 affiliated clubhouses around the world. Since its launch in 1989, The Oxford Club specializes in top-rated investment research. Alexander Green, a New York Times bestselling author and Wall Street veteran heads the company’s editorial team. The Oxford Club has been providing its members with unique opportunities to maximize their returns as well as strategies for preserving long-lasting wealth. The firm’s financial analysts follow a range of investment strategies to help its clients at various levels of risk.

Members of The Oxford Club receive additional opportunities for sharing ideas through world financial tours, online platforms, and regional seminars. Its publications range from educational advisories to premium search services. The Oxford Communique, the firm’s flagship newsletter, ranks as one of the top-performing portfolios in the United States. The Club also publishes premium investment educational courses, reports, and webinars on wealth creation. The Oxford Club uses time-tested strategies to helps its clients beat the market. Their financial services cover precious metal and currencies, equities, real estate, options, collectibles, and bonds.

The Oxford Club uses its extensive network of entrepreneurs and investors to help clients maximize their returns. Its mission is to help its over 80,000 members maximize and preserve their wealth. For more than twenty years, and in all market conditions, The Oxford Club has helped its clients gain and maintain their wealth. The Club’s belief is that the best investment opportunities are found outside of the mainstream press. While The Oxford Club has access to hundreds of investment opportunities, the firm selects the ones with the highest profit potential. Afterwards, they share them with their members through online platforms.

The Oxford Club started as the Passport Club in 1989 before changing its name to The Oxford Club in 1991. One of its founders is William Bonner, the founder of Agora Inc. The idea of the founders was to have a private financial club where investors would share their thoughts and access investment opportunities around the world. Its first advanced wealth protection seminar was sponsored at Oxford University in England.